Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Services & Devices in Berkeley, CA

The knowledgeable and professional team at the Berkeley Hearing Center understands how difficult it can be to live with hearing loss or hearing problems. Simple communication can become cumbersome and frustrating for everyone.  Relationships can be strained & significantly affected by your hearing loss. Research has shown that an untreated hearing impairment can result in withdrawal from social activities and cognitive decline. Use of a properly fit hearing aids reduces the stress family, friends and coworkers experience.

To enhance your hearing and comfort on a day-to-day basis, Berkeley Hearing Center proudly offers the latest digital hearing aid and assistive listening technology. These quality products can be critical in increasing your ability to hear, communicate and enjoy all that life has to offer.  All of the products we provide are custom-fit to your hearing acuity to meet your specific needs.

Hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as their family, friends, and associates.  Miscommunication leads to stress and difficulties for the person experiencing hearing loss. as well as for those around them.  Don’t let poor hearing cause you to miss out on life’s many special moments. Explore how amplification can positively impact your life.  Once treated, patients with hearing loss can more effectively engage in conversations and reconnect to all that life has to offer, both professionally and socially.  Don't suffer in silence!

100% Digital Hearing Devices

100% digital hearing devices feature the most advanced technology and are custom fitted, programmed and fine-tuned according to your hearing levels, comfort range, and listening environments in order to provide you with your best possible hearing.  
Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices and accessories such as wireless Bluetooth television & phone 'streamers', remote controls and personal FM systems are additional powerful ways to improve speech understanding and enhance the performance of your hearing devices for particularly challenging situations or environments.

To speak with our audiology staff to see if you are a good candidate for hearing aids and/or these assistive devices, please get in touch with us today at (510) 841-0681. We would love to schedule an appointment in order to consult with you about the best options for your particular needs/issues. 
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