Communication Counseling

Therapy for Communication Issues in Berkeley, CA

Communication counseling is an integral part of our services. During these sessions, we will discuss ways for the patient, family members, and others to maximize speech understanding and ensure optimum benefit from amplification.

After experiencing hearing loss or dealing with it for a prolonged time, patients may notice an increase in communication issues during their daily lives. It is our goal to give the correct information to our patients about hearing evaluation and diagnosis, along with treatment. Patients may find that communicating is more challenging without the ample education to facilitate a conversation about treatment, which is where our audiologists can step in to offer answers and options. 

Hearing Loss Treatments

For a wide range of effective and safe hearing loss treatments, please consult with our hearing aid professionals to discuss the options that are available to you. Schedule an appointment to learn more about your condition and your specific hearing diagnosis, and let our team recommend treatment. 

Call today at  (510) 841-0681 to speak with our team.
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