See What’s New at Berkeley Hearing Center

Invisible In-The-Canal (IIC) Devices

These super small instruments take advantage of the latest miniaturized components, allowing a completely discreet, all-in-the ear fit. For certain types of hearing loss, these custom-fitted devices offer the most inconspicuous hearing solution without compromising sound quality. Unlike other "extended wear" instruments, these can be removed and inserted by the user on an "as-needed" basis.

Receiver In-Canal/Receiver In-The-Ear (RIC/RITE)

Receiver In The Ear (RITE) or Receiver In the Canal (RIC) instruments offer the ultimate comfort, cosmetics, and sound quality. The microphones and processor are placed behind the ear, with the signal transmitted to a tiny speaker (called the "receiver") placed in the ear canal. They are much smaller than conventional behind-the-ear instruments because the speaker has been removed from behind the ear, and can provide more natural sound quality since the speaker is closer to the eardrum. Furthermore, they are nearly invisible from the front and side. Finally, the ear canal can remain more "open," allowing improved comfort for new users; especially those with hearing loss only in the high frequencies. Recent advances in technology now allow even severe hearing losses to be fit with RIC/RITE hearing aids.

Frequency Lowering – New Options for High-Frequency Loss

Manufacturers  of hearing devices are now incorporating more sophisticated frequency lowering technology.  This is a special form of sound processing, referred to as frequency transposition or frequency compression,  in order to change the incoming sounds to a lower pitch, where the nerve cells in the inner ear are healthier. Research is confirming that by making more high-frequency sounds audible, the auditory portion of the brain relearns to interpret these sounds, improving word understanding and helping identify other environmental sounds (e.g. bird chirps, watch alarms, etc.).
Bluetooth (wireless) Connectivity 

Imagine being able to answer your telephone "hands-free," while hearing the signal in both ears! Imagine getting a clear, direct signal from your TV, iPod, or computer right in your hearing aids and being able to adjust the signal without disturbing anyone else. Come into our office for a free demonstration of this amazing new technology.
New Hearing Aid Treatment for Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

Widex has patented a new tinnitus treatment called "Zen®." Using an FDA-approved method incorporating fractal technology, the Zen feature in the Widex Mind series has been demonstrated to reduce stress and minimize the effects of tinnitus. The soothing sounds can be used during all waking hours, or just when you are relaxing in a quiet environment. Come in for a free demonstration if you suffer from tinnitus.
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